Friday, August 2, 2013

Meditation - Sessions 8, 9, &10

In standard fashion, I'm bored with listening to the same one over and over. So I did another by Meditation Oasis that was specifically music for session #10.
I'm managed at least one session per day this week. Things have been rather hectic, so I've been having to make time for it. I might start looking for situation specific guided meditations to help combat some of the things that I struggle with from time to time. The one I did yesterday morning, helped me get completely centered for the day. I really kept my focus all day in spite of a lack of sleep the night before. I felt calm and ready for anything.  We shall see how this morning's meditation helped out.
The deep rest one I did for #9 was not so helpful. I struggled to keep my thoughts from wandering all over the place, and from being able to achieve any sort of meditative state. That's what is prompting me to seek out situation oriented guided meditations. I want to see if they can be useful for future stress relieving sessions.

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