Sunday, August 18, 2013

Meditation Sessions 20, 21, and 22

No repeat of weirdness, though I never got past the noise stage again and into the silence stage. Going to dig for some more focused points of interest for meditation to experiment with throughout this week. I've seen a lot of interesting things about the Monroe Institute. They use the same technology as the recent meditation I've been listening to and the same stuff as my sleep music uses. They hide tones in the music to send signals to the brain to trigger things in the brain in order to help you relax and to sleep longer and deeply. The cd worked for me for years, but in my apartment, with a fan blowing all the time, I don't think the tones are as effective. I know it all works better through headphones. Someone I know had given me a sample of the Monroe Institute to listen to on public transit back when I first started taking the bus and train to work, as a means to help soothe me from the distress I suffered from the crowds riding during rush hour. I remember almost missing my stop because it had put me to sleep. Oops. So it was a short lived experiment. I might have to see if I can dig up that cd and give it a try under the more controlled conditions of "meditation time".
I am still noticing a marked difference between when I meditate twice a day vs once per day. I sleep better if I've had my evening meditation and morning helps me with everyday annoyances. I get far less tweaked by the rudeness of others or by everyday stressful situations... and I don't hate traffic like I used to. I just go with the flow now and I'll get to my destination whenever it is that I get there.
Definite improvements to daily life. Though extremely stressful situations require further exploration (hence the digging into more situation specific guided meditations)
For those interested:
The sleep CD was this one that I got from amazon several years ago. I love that CD!

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