Friday, August 16, 2013

Meditations 18 & 19

I had a weird moment in meditation today. Well, 2 of them. Usually when I meditate, I get to a point where my thoughts become this sort of roar of the crowd that you'd hear in a stadium. Just a bunch of noise, with individual stuff popping out now and then. Well today it just all sort of stopped, and then around the same time I realized that I wasn't breathing and I really needed to breathe. It  happened twice and it kind of freaked me out. After doing some googling, it would seem that this is a normal part of the process, but then again there were also people who were saying things like "have a paramedic standing by while you meditate, I do." which yeah. Har har. So I have no idea.
I will have to look into this further and explore. I did a double meditation this morning in an attempt to settle my mind after little sleep and nightmares. A friend suggested that I may have just fallen asleep, which is entirely possible, but I didn't have that feeling of just waking up like I normally do nor that sudden jerk upright when you nod off. This was something I had not experienced before.

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