Sunday, July 28, 2013

Meditation - Session 4

Should be sessions 4 and 5, but I fell asleep before I could meditate. To me that's A-OK. So bright and early at 6am, I was up and at em and started off with meditation session #4.
I notice her voice less now, my body is less twitchy and I've found that if some portion of me becomes uncomfortable, I can shift without really having to start all over. I'm definitely feeling a little more relaxed as I encounter stresses throughout the day. I don't think it will be difficult to keep this up at least once per day. At night, I pretty much end up falling asleep while doing it anyway.
My sleep seems to be more restful, and I feel more rested when I get up. I actually have my ipod and headphones on the bed, so I don't even get out of bed to start off the meditation of the day. My mattress is comfier than the hard floor. Overall, it definitely gets me mentally prepared to start my day.
Other things I've noticed. Things that normally stress me out, no longer do. That could be partially to do with the fact that I've become aware of these stressors at about the same time as I decided I needed to make a few more changes and have been more mindful of myself when I knew they were impacting me. I will say though, that things have been much more manageable in just a couple of days. Obviously the greater impact will be best measured over time.

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