Monday, July 29, 2013

Supplements - Turmeric

I have Lupus and have been plagued with a variety of symptoms for an indeterminate number of years.
I was first introduced to turmeric by my boyfriend a few months ago. He had suggested it after an episode of pain during a cold, wet spring which left me with difficulty walking, sitting, standing, and well pretty much anything. I couldn't take the osteo-biflex that he takes as it contains shellfish and I have a sensitivity to shellfish, and he'd been trying to figure out what would work for me. I don't normally buy into the natural healing remedies. I'm a bit skeptical at all of these magical cures, but I did some research and stumbled across this article from Time magazine. I took some home, but ended up becoming ill shortly after and never got around to trying it out. Then the last weekend of May, he went out of town and I saw the turmeric while doing laundry at his place. I decided to just give it a shot, because going up and down the stairs of my apartment always hurt. I figured "why not" and just started taking a single 400mg pill per day. About 5 weeks later, I carried a boat load of groceries up the 3 flights of stairs and suddenly realized that the only reason I stopped was because I was out of breath. I hadn't been stopping every few steps or trying to power up just to get it over with because of the pain. I had no pain. I couldn't remember the last time I had no pain.
I was very excited to tell him about it the next time I saw him. We were discussing how even the sciatic pain in my back was gone, and that my hair seemed thicker on top of my head. I didn't have crazy bedhead when I woke up, because my hair wasn't so thin and easily tangled at the roots. At some point I went into the bathroom and was washing my hands, looked up into the mirror, was trying to remember when I put makeup on that day because I didn't think I had, but my face wasn't red. Then it hit me. My lupus rash was gone. The lupus rash that made me look like I had a sunburned face for as long as I could remember, was gone. My skin was normal skin colored and I had no makeup on. OH MY GOD MY LUPUS RASH IS GONE. That pretty much sold me. Whatever inflammatory stuff that has been going on in my body for as long as I can remember has calmed down enough that I no longer have pain, my hair is growing back, and my rash is gone.
I'm sold. I've had some recurring pain issues over the past couple days while the weather has been cool and wet, but it's minimal considering that I used to be in pain constantly, and it's only in my hands whereas before it would be everything that hurt. I had a touch of the sciatic pain the other night, but I think I also got some relief from hanging upside down on an inversion table.
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